Custom Design

P & H Pools proud itself for the work we have done in our 40 years of experience, we have been working with the Miami Dade Community Since 1972 creating the most wonderful designs as per our client needs.

We have a very easy process to built your custom Swimming Pool, contact us and you will experience what other customers already did.

Custom Pool Design Process:

Our representative will meet with you at your home to gather information and begin the design process. At this stage we will determine our clients taste, space available and budget.
Based on this information we will prepare a written estimate and design for your swimming pool project.
On our second visit we will review the proposal and design with our clients. At this point we will share our ideas and answer any questions that the customer may have.
Once a final design has been reached and the owner gives us the go ahead we will prepare a simple contract with all the project details. Then it is off to our engineer to prepare the plans that will be submitted for permitting.
Once we have an approved permit we can begin scheduling the installation of your swimming pool. For a complete explanation and visual of the installation process, please refer to step-by-step process page.

Pool Installation

Our Pool Engineers have create this process to explain our customer the process that is done when you hire P & H Pools in Miami or Broward County.


1- Pool Layout

We will stake out swimming pool according to the approved plans and confirm that access is ready for excavation.


2 – Excavation

Heavy equipment arrives at jobsite to carry out excavation. Usually a 1-2 day process to complete.


3 – Steel Rebar

Installation of formwork and reinforcing steel rebar. Inspection required once formwork is completed.


4- Shotcrete

The most interesting step in the process! A special mix of concrete together with a high pressure compressor applies concrete to entire structure. This completes the pool structure phase.


5 – Plumbing

All pool plumbing is installed according to plans and pressure tested to insure no leaky pipes. Inspections are required once plumbing is completed.


6- Coping and Tile

The coping / tile you selected are installed and leveled. At this step you will begin to see your pool come to life.


Our electrician will run all electrical conduits, cables and control boxes needed to power pool equipment. Inspections required once electrical is completed.


7- Deck

The deck material you selected is installed.


This is the final step before your pool is completed. Our professional team of applicators will hand trowel the material of your choice to complete your pool.



Once the pool is filled with water we will add initial chemical treatment and explain how to properly operate / maintain new pool.


We are finished! Time to plan as many parties and events as you can tolerate. Enjoy!

Energy Saving Options

Today consumers have an opportunity to go green and save money at the same time. Over the past 20 years pool industry manufacturer’s have worked hard to develop pumps, heaters, lighting and control systems that consume 50% less electricity than their predecessors.

The use of 2-speed pumps and variable speed pumps will offer the most significant savings since they typically operate for 8 hrs. or more. These pumps run longer hours but at a reduced speed, providing energy savings and superior filtration.

A heat pump will not only extend your swimming season but it will do so for about 75% less than gas heaters. There are also models that are reversible and will cool your pool in those hot summer days when the water could actually get to hot. So whether you are building a new pool or remodeling an existing one there are ways to help our environment and your pocket book at the same time….ASK US HOW!!!!

Pool Safety

Over the years the pool industry has made great strides in pool safety features. Entrapment prevention systems such as dual drains with anti-entrapment covers and safety vacuum release systems have been developed.

We incorporate these anti-entrapment measures in every pool we build!

There are also different options available to serve as perimeter protection for your swimming pool. In most cases one or more of the following options may be required by your local building departments:

1.- Fencing: Enclose swimming pool with a minimum 4’ high enclosure with self locking gates.

2.- Alarms: Equip doors/windows leading from house to pool area with alarms.

3.- Baby Fence / Net: Install baby fence / net at pool perimeter.

4.- Warning sign: Post warning sign in sight of swimming pool area.

Pool Remodeling

Complete existing pool remodeling – P & H Pools Miami

It is amazing what can be done to an old pool when using modern day materials, equipment and finishes. We can completely transform your existing pool and implement new safety / eco friendly equipment. Have the new look you have always wanted, install new anti-entrapment measures for safety and complete the job with an energy saving equipment package.